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Where will the Field of Valor take place?

Sierra Vista Middle School will host the Field of Valor. Sierra Vista is located at 777 E. Puente Street, Covina 91723, on the northwest corner of Grand Avenue and Puente Street.

Overhead View of Field of Valor Flags

Why is this project important?

Although our Veterans Administration provides some services to our Veterans and Active Duty Military, there is just not enough financial support to take care of all their needs.

Our veterans have returned home to find a challenging job market, and many are homeless.

Some of our Active Duty Military families are having a difficult time making ends meet on the home front. Many children are experiencing life with grandparents as both parents are deployed.

The Ontario USO provides a place of solace and a feeling of home for our military and their families in transition to and from deployment.

Who will MY Sponsorship benefit?

Your Field of Valor sponsorship will help raise funds to provide assistance to Veterans in the east San Gabriel Foothill communities,  the families of our deployed military, and the Ontario USO.

How are the event proceeds spent?

Field of Valor is a volunteer based event.  No payroll to anyone.   What we raise is spent on our Veterans - no exception.

How can I get assistance from the Field of Valor?

If YOU or someone you know is a Veteran or in Active Duty and needs financial help, they may qualify for a grant from the Field of Valor. To apply, please download our Field of Valor – Request for Funds file. Complete it and send it to us for evaluation - we may be able to help. Your application will be kept confidential.

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