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Since January 2022 we have helped house 18 Veterans.  This is a huge, year-long undertaking.   Thanks to the help of the West L.A . Veterans Administration Homeless Outreach and our community this became a reality.    Veterans that were living in cardboard boxes or in the canyon now have a roof over their heads.

Once a home is identified, the Field of Valor team springs into action!  We purchase bedding, towels, dishes, pots, pans, soaps, beds - whatever the Veteran needs to start a new home.

Another 60 Veterans have been able to stay in their homes.  We have helped with rent, utility bills and various other things to help maintain their housing.

This is all due to VOLUNTEERISM!   We could use your help at the Field of Valor.  If you have some time and would like to volunteer, press the "volunteer" button below, complete and return the form to us at   We will schedule you in.

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